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Viewing entries backwards



I often view the log from the end to start - one small ‘problem’ I am then facing is that the ‘-’-Button (to collapse all logs between EnterMethod and LeaveMethod) is only available when entering the Method, but not when leaving it. It would be nice it we could ‘collapse upwards’, or maybe just click on the arrow (indicating the MethodLeave) and jump to the EnterMethod-entry…




Hello Michael,

There are already several shortcuts/actions to jump to/between EnterMethod and LeaveMethod log entries. If a LeaveMethod log entry is selected, you can jump to the related EnterMethod log entry with “View | Jump to Matching Entry” (Shift+Ctrl+M). When you are inside a method, you can jump to the start with “View | Jump to Method Start” (Shift+Ctrl+S) and to the end with “View | Jump to Method End” (Shift+Ctrl+E).

The ‘-’ and ‘*’ actions are built-in features of the used tree control, so I’m not sure if we can easily extend this. However, I will look into it and added it to the feature request list. Thanks for the suggestion!


Cool, thanks, that’s very helpful. (I feared the reply would involve RTFM, but I was in a bit of a hurry and thought I would forget otherwise ;))