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Viewer Content Find in Trace Viewer?


Hi Gurock Support,

Is there any way to do a “Find” command in the Trace Viewer for output that has been logged via a “LogObject” (or even “LogText” method? The “Find” functionality only seems to find “Title” text that has been logged via the “LogMessage” / “LogDebug” / “LogVerbose” / etc methods.

In the examples below, if I do a find (F3) on “FAILED” it returns a “Search string ‘FAILED’ not found”; if I do a find (F3) on “Sent Message to Client” it hilights the first message below.

Title = Sent Message to Client
Viewer Details =

Title = Connected to remote Client
Viewer Details =
ConnectionId = 3476
LocalEndPoint =
RemoteEndPoint =
SocketHandle = 2064

I would like to have the ability to find viewer detail content as well as title content. Am I missing something?

I am using SmartInspect Professional v3.2.1.8782.

Thanks - TL


Hello Todd,

Thanks for your post. The search is limited to the views (i.e. the title of a log entry) – the viewers are currently not included in the search result. This feature is already on our feature request list but I cannot say when it will be available. We have so many (different) feature requests, it’s difficult to decide which to implement, but I added another vote to your particular request.