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View Total Number Of Tests In Project?


Hi, I have a project with multiple subsections of test cases.
To get the total number of tests in the project I have to look at all sections and add the numbers together.
Since the total number of tests in a sub section is shown, why is it not possible to view total number of tests in project?
On the Overview page the information would be good.


What version are you on? Our install lists how many sections (including subsections and a total number of cases at the top right of the Test Suites and Cases tab in a project.

"Contains 62 sections and 321 cases. "


Hi @QATest1,

Thanks for your posting! The total number of cases is shown as part of the case repository/a test suite in the upper right (in the sidebar).

I hope this helps!



Ahhh yes there it is! Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem, happy to help :slight_smile: