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Vertical Inspector viewer pane


Couple of things i would really like to see enhance the usability of the smartinspect console would be the ability to rearrange the inspector viewer window in a vertical arrangement and also the abiltity to detach it. I kind of like the new docking tabset type effect of delphi 2005 IDE. Something similar for the console would offer unparalleled flexibility to the user.


Also detaching the main log view tabs from the console would enable looking at filtered tabs simultaneously



It is already possible to rearrange and detach toolboxes. The way the Console starts the first time is just a suggestion which should be fine for most users. But you aren’t limited to the default layout. You can customize it to your needs. For example, you can detach the viewer or rearrange it vertically.

To enable this functionality, please uncheck the ‘Lock Toolboxes’ option in the View menu. We chose to disable the docking by default, because we made the experience that a lot of users are confused when accidentally moving or detaching toolboxes.

Regarding the view tabs, we already thought about ways to enable looking at multiple views simultaneously and we are definitely considering this feature for a future version.

Have a nice weekend!