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Versioning of test cases for each release


Versioning in TestRail


I’m currently an existing customer of TestRail
We rolled out TestRail using single repository for all test cases
For each release we would create a Test Run and add test cases to this run and execute.

The problem is if the features change then the test cases will need to change.
This means we don’t have any versioning for each release in TestRail using this option i.e. we have to run regression with test cases that may have changed against older versions of our application

I don’t really want to change this structure as it would involve creating a new project with a baseline and importing all test cases into the new project and will get messy

I’m thinking one solution to this problem would be to keep the base repository structure of test cases, create a test plan for each release and add a test run for each section or feature to the plan and execute.
I’m just wondering if I use this approach will the test cases get versioned within the plans if plans are closed or will the test cases within the plans get updated even if they are closed ?

If I do rerun the test runs or test plans with the test runs I think they will include the same test cases but with the newer version of updated test cases if they were updated ? This would be an issue for me s I’m executing the newer version of the test cases against older releases of application



Any update on this ?


Hi melv37,

we had the same challenge to deal with and came up with our own solution for it.

Just before:
If you Close a TestRun or Testplan with ist TestRuns, the used tests got “archived” somehow. Means, changes to the test cases (description) wont be reflected in the tests used within your runs. This is somehow safe (at least I hope).

You’ll get in Trouble if you need to suupport two release at once.
Using a single repository you could use special fields for it. Define a “Valid From” and “Valid Until” for each case. If needed copy the test case and change the Settings according to your release\version.
You might delete unused cases after closing the test TestRuns (means you don’t need the older Versions anymore).

We decided to use several Test Suites for this. Copying the cases on demand, not like the baselines at the beginning.

Hope this helps.

Just our solution for the Moment :wink: