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Version in test case


I’m struggling with this problem.

I’m creating some test cases that consists of asking the version of several modules and checking if they are correct.

So far so good.

The problem comes when the versions change.
How can I handle this scenario without editing all the test cases when a new version is released?

A way that I found even if do not like it is to keep the version general saying that is based on the software installed.




Hi Roberto,

Thank you for your post. When you mark your test cases with a specific version are you using a field in your test cases to point this out? Have you thought about using Milestones to represent versions? This would allow you to run your same tests but not have to worry about editing all test cases with the new version. That being said, you can bulk edit your test cases at the same time which would allow you to change the version on your test cases in just a few clicks.

Do either of these options help?