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Version handling onTest Rail for large scale product with multiple configurations



I’ll give you little information about me and my work. I am setting up better testing environment for a well established company. Currently, we do not have any legit test management tool yet. I am a QA with 6 years of experience, so I am trying my best to improve things as efficient as possible.

My plan is to integrate Jenkins with Test rail at this point.Future plan is to move towards automation using Test Rail. Major problem we have is in the start. I am very confused about how to start with versioning and setting up structure.

Let me explain you the product with fictitious names:-

We have 3 massive products which got 2 kinds of further Branches (Lets say A & B). All these 3 products are around 30% similar.

These A & B branches got further configurations called AA, AB, AC, … 20+ and BB, BC, … 30+

I would really like to know what should be the best possible way to handle these kind of configurations so that we can have easy to check reports and easy to handle test cases and test plans.

My current plan was to create 3 projects and test suits for all the configurations of A and create field in those test suits for configuration B. We are not using milestones in the office(Yes I know its strange)

Would be really helpful if you can help me with this issue.