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Version and milestone column purpose in testrun


I notice that when selecting what columns to display in the test run view, there are two columns which dont see to have any purpose

  1. version
  2. milestone

Both of these seems to be built in column are not in my testrail customizations. Even though test plan is part of my milestone, it doesn’t show the milestone in this column. Am I doing something wrong?



Version is decided by you when you click a result. So if my test failed, I’d click “Failed” then when filling out the subsequent popup there’s a text box asking for which Version you tested. If you put a value in, i.e. “56.7 Build 1”, it’ll show up. The Milestone is on a Test Case basis rather than your test run; which Milestone the test case came from.

Hope that helps!


Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, it’s exactly as described by Mark (thanks!). The Version field is intended to add the exact version or build number you tested against and can be used for cases where you don’t want to add a full milestone just for a build or similar.

The Milestone column shows the milestone of the test case, if any. The Milestone of a test case can be used to describe the initial version or milestone the test case was added but this field is not commonly used though.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.