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Version 5 Multi Step test cases how to


I am a new user. I think I read through the documentation but I could not see instructions on how to create multistep templates. I know that I am supposed to create a new template in the Customization section. But how do you actually create the multistep test cases?

And is there a way to crate test steps on the fly as I write the test case?


Hello Michael,

Thanks for your posting! Is this a new 5.2 or an existing TestRail installation? If it’s new, you should already be able to see and select the “Steps” template and this would already have pre-configured support for the steps field.

If you use an existing TestRail or an older version, you can configure the separated steps field as follows and this requires just a few steps:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Yes. I was able to create it now. Thank you. But what will happened to the old test cases that were not created with the multi-step template?


Hello Michael,

Old test cases are not modified in any way but you can change their templates if you like and enable the separated steps field for them this way.