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Version 2 seems to have memory leaks


I just installed v2 and now get a bunch of memory leaks reported by FastMM.

V1 did not report any leaks…


Hello Thomas,

thanks for reporting the problem. This is a known bug and has already been fixed in an internal build. The fix will be included in the 2.1 release. In the meantime, you can fix it yourself by changing the line 18514 in SmartInspect.pas:

Original: FConnectionList := TList.Create;
Fix: FConnectionList := TObjectList.Create;

If you apply this fix, you need to compile against the modified source files and not against the pre-compiled SmartInspect .dcu files anymore. To do this, you need to change the Delphi library path for the SmartInspect libraries in Delphi under Tools | Options to use the source\delphi directory instead of lib\delphi"delphiversion".

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Ok, that fix works fine, thanks,



Great. Thanks for the feedback, Thomas.