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Version 2.0.1?


Or something that recognizes Delphi for Win32 as a valid installation target?


Hi Fernando,

I assume you mean Delphi 2007? We will release a new version with full support for Delphi 2007 very soon. The only thing missing in SmartInspect 2.0 is the automatic library integration and the pre-compiled binaries. You can already use SmartInspect with the new Delphi version by adding the SmartInspect source directory to the Delphi library path. There are no library changes needed for Delphi 2007 and the library compiles and works just fine.


Yes, you assumed correctly! :slight_smile: Although I used the “official” name! :slight_smile:

If it’s “real soon” and since I’m currently in the process of reconfiguring my whole dev machine again (after having some weird crashes on Delphi/2007 which I’m not getting now that I installed it on a clean machine), then I’ll wait until I need to actually use SI and will check back later to see if there’s an update meanwhile.



Yep, we plan to release it “real soon” now, but you never know if something goes wrong and that’s why we normally do not commit to exact ship dates. But we will post it here on the website and on our blog as soon as it’s released.