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VB6 dll


Is there by chance a VB6 dll for SmartInspect? I know chances are fairly unlikely considering this was written for .Net, but I have a classic ASP site that I want to implement SmartInspect for and I was hoping to avoid creating a secondary .Net app to handle this.

Thank you.


Hello Sean,

There’s unfortunately no library available for VB6. SmartInspect currently supports .NET, Java and Delphi only. However, the SmartInspect protocols and log file format are clearly documented and you may be able to write a custom library for VB6:

SmartInspect Log Formats and Protocols

It’s a bit of work but your custom library would be able to use the Console just like the other built-in libraries. We are happy to help in case you want to do this. E.g., we have a minimal library implementation for PHP which provides a good overview of what’s required to communicate with the Console. It can be found on the SmartInspect Resources site.


In theory he could use the delphi Libraries and write a dll that either exposes a minimalistic procedural interface or a com server for use in VB. I did something similar for our internal loging library once and it worked well.