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UTF-8 support of CSV export


We are using a hosted version of test rail. I’ve understood that UTF-8 support was added in the 2.0 version. However, CSV export didn’t manage special character like ‘ä’. Character ‘ä’ was exported instead of correct one. Are there any possibilities to get special characters working?


Hello Jussi,

Thanks for your posting. It looks as if the ‘ä’ is correctly encoded in UTF-8 but that your tool to view the CSV hasn’t recognized the .csv file as being UTF-8 encoded (and therefore doesn’t display the character correctly). Which tool do you use to view the .csv file?



We’ve had this issue when converting Word docs to CSV and viewing Excel and then running the PHP import script. Our solution has simply been to keep a (slowly) growing list of the special characters that choke the process, and then doing search and replace to fix the issues as we encounter them. Our list is such now that we rarely run into the problem.



Hello Neil,

Thanks for the update. If this works for you that’s fine but you could also use text editors such as Notepad++ for the conversion which should be a bit easier (there are several actions in the Encoding menu for converting from one encoding to another).



Hi Tobias,

It may well be that is the method being used here (not my area of expertise). My post was more a general answer.