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Using SmartInspect in Visual C++


Is anyone using the SmartInspect library in Visual C++? The port to VB6 was easy but I’m not as familiar with C++.


Hello Patrick,

Some customers are using an experimental / unsupported C++ library with limited functionality that we can provide on request (just email us). Please note that this library was developed as part of a canceled project and it’s unlikely that the C++ library is going to be improved in the future. We are also unable to support this library / help with any issues, but we can provide you with the source code. I’m not aware of a customer who uses one of our official libraries from C++ (e.g. via COM etc).

Do you use the SmartInspect library from VB6 via COM or how do you access it? We would be very interested in any code/port for VB6 you might have.

PS: Please remember that we have difficulties emailing you because your provider thinks our emails are spam; if you email us and don’t receive a response, please check your spam folder.




I would love to see the unsupported C++ library. I have added tb, contact, and dgurock at gurock to my contacts, so I should get your emails from now on.

I do use the library in my VB6 code. I just expose the default Si.Main by adding Attributes to the class and registering a tlb file. I can send you the code and it should be easy to extend the full functionality using the same method.


Hello Patrick,

Dennis and my addresses are ‘dg’ and ‘tg’ at We will try sending the library later today.



Hello Patrick,

I just sent you the C++ library. Let me know in case you have any questions about it.