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Using SiAuto.Main.ClearLog to Clear Memory of Long Running SI Console



I’m trying to find a work-around for the memory limitation (hanging/crashing the system) of the Smart Inspect Console when using TCP/IP and live logging. Yes, I know it is not meant for production and to not leave it open; but our users will do just that no matter now many times we tell them.

Reading through older posts I found your messages regarding adding in a periodic call to SiAuto.Main.ClearLog to clear the console to reduce the memory consumption.

I added this as a side thread to my main application as well as to another mini-app we use that also logs . In my test case right now I am clearing the log every hour (this was proof of concept so the time period was kept short. The mini app runs such that the main app is continuously working and logging, set up as a stress test if you will.

I used SysInternals to track the memory use and after running for two hours I saw no decrease in the memory footprint, only a gradual increase.

At this point (CLEAR 2x) I stopped the mini app thinking the console may need idle time to allow for possible garbage collection and waiting with the main app idle for another hour to trigger one last ClearAll. The memory footprint did not change, at least not as much as I expected it to.

				Working Set		Private Bytes	Virtual Size
Start			21,756			15,156			134,076
Clear 1x		135,172			143.2620		261,924
Clear 2x		202,280			210,016			328,548
STOP App, GC	203,984			210,916			329,444
1hr after STOP	202,048			208,472			327,012	

We have one long-lived main trace object and use many other individual trace objects (some short-lived, and some long in various threads) as part of our application. The thread that waits to clear the console uses only the main trace object but in watching the SI console, all messages are cleared so I don’t think I need to call ClearLog from all of my trace objects, just one to trigger the clear.

This technique of periodically clearing the console does not fix the long-term memory use of the console application. If I am missing a step or need to do something, please let me know.



SmartInspect is no longer actively supported by the Gurocks. You might want to consider using a different product.