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Using selection filter replaces existing test cases from a run

If we search for a test case to add to a test run, and click OK, it removes the existing test cases in that Test run.
Is that usual behaviour?

Click Edit from within a test run.
Select specific test cases>change selection.
Search for a Reference and click Set Selection.

It selects the test cases.
We then click OK and then click Save Test Run.

The result is that any test cases in that test run are replaced with the ones that we searched for.

Are we doing something wrong?

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Hi Jarod,

Instead of choosing “Set Selection”, select “Add to selection” from the dropdown, it will preserve previous selection and add new cases as well.

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Thanks a lot Kiran, choosing Add to selection did exactly what we needed.

We just have to be careful not to choose the default of Set Selection so we don’t wipe out our test cases in the run.

Thanks again.