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Using of included Source Code



I have a question about the included Source Code. Is the Source Code for the console part of the SmartInspect Professional Package included as well?

If yes, would it be against the Licensing Rules if I would build a “Console” application which recieves special states in a Production Environment.

E.g. A scheduling software with a master view for the process planning department which will show the actual changes in the processing of orders.

I am thinking of messages like this:

  • Order 4711 imported
  • Order 4711 scheduled
  • Order 4711 in process
  • Order 4711 processing finished
  • Order 4711 waiting for delivery
  • Order 4711 delivered
  • Order 4711 deleted

As you can see this has nothing to do with debugging and I like to believe that this wouldn’t be against your licencing rules.

Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,

Ps. I tried to reach you by phone but no success



We do not ship the source code of the SmartInspect Console. We only ship the library source code.

What modifications would you need in order to use the SmartInspect Console in your environment?

If I understand you correctly, you want to use SmartInspect in a production environment to log messages of a scheduling software. We fully support the usage of SmartInspect in a production environment and SmartInspect is not limited to debugging software in the development stage.

If you want to log custom messages, you can do so by using the LogCustom* (especially LogCustomContext) methods. An example of how this works is available in our “Extending and Customizing the SmartInspect Libraries” article which can be found in our article sections (see menu on the left).


Hi again,

I don’t want to use your console at all but what I am interested in is the part that receives the messages in your console application esp. over TCP/IP because this would be a big time saver for me.

Maybe we should take this topic offline and talk about it on the phone instead? I am from Germany as well and I am only typing in English here as a courtesy for the other users of your forum.



Answered over phone.