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Using Milestones in agile/scrum


Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to use the milestone feature with an agile/scrum environment? We go through version numbers like water, so most version only get one test run completed before the next version is released, causing me to close a milestone and move to the next. Is this fine and does it produce useful data once more is collected (have only been using test rail a very short time) or should milestones be some other measurement in this scenario other than individual version numbers that close every two weeks?

(Also just to note, we dont have some planned future major release we are working towards, an example of our versions are, etc. and if works well and we want to release that to the customer then that is the version they get, not 2.3.1 or something arbitrary signaling an external release.)


Hello Brad,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using test plans for sprints/iterations and milestones for bigger project versions or releases (and linking the test plans to the milestones). Test plans are useful if you want to run multiple test runs per sprint/iteration and they would act as a single group of test runs in this case.