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Using import to modify existing tests?


Is there a way to use export/import to bulk-modify existing test cases without duplication?

What we have:
We have the following fields being used - Description, Background, Notes

What we want:

  • We would like to consolidate the information from Description and Background INTO Notes. (Description, Background) => Notes
  • We would like to make Description and Background inactive after consolidating this data so it no longer shows up when reading/modifying test cases.

My initial thought was this would be easy, just export the tests as csv, modify in google sheets, and import them using the test case ID to modify existing test cases. To my dismay, from what I could see, it doesn’t look like the import feature allows me to do this.

Is there a way to accomplish this consolidation easily without having to manually edit each test case via the testrail ui?


Hello Gerry,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, the XML import supports this option and you can choose between adding new cases or updating existing test cases. An alternative would be to write a small script that uses TestRail’s API to do this (read the cases via get_cases and then update_case per case):

We have official bindings for various programming languages and are happy to help in case you would like to try this.