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Using configurations for testplan


This may be a general question for everyone regarding how they are using the Configurations.

We have a number of products that we’ve been keeping in separate projects; unfortunately that has led to some duplication of efforts because while they are separate some of the testcases may be the same, or some testcases may have to be run on multiple products.

So the next thought was to combine the products into one large project. But each project has a number of different configurations for Test Runs. and while we can copy those over as well (or recreate them) we would end up with potentially a few 100 configuration values. The window to choose those configurations is a bit small which makes using it cumbersome.

So I guess my question (well, the question from the team … I find what they are trying to do a bit silly…) is how do large companies with tons of configurations manage this? Or, given that it’s not really a feasible option, how do other people handle duplicate testcases across different projects / need to run the same testcase across different projects?

Any insight or help would be welcome.



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using a single combined project if this helps with reducing case duplication. It’s usually the more flexible approach when it comes to creating test plans/runs & reports. Regarding configurations: how do you and your team use configurations? Do you use them to test against different environments such as browsers/operating systems or something completely different?



Different mobile phones (as you can imagine, that list can get rather large … thanks Android fragmentation!); different browsers, different upgrade paths, different OSs … etc.

We’re both a mobile and platform company. So the breadth is pretty large. It’s a shame that a user can’t enable/disable certain configurations as needed so that when they go to create a Testrun they only see certain configurations that applicable to them.

Perhaps an enhancement in this area to make choosing/mangaging configurations easier (the USER-UI, not via the API)? I would write up a UI script that could do that, but it’s a floating window that scripts can’t act with.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the additional details. Adding a configuration filter sounds like a good idea, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: What kind of improvements would you like to see with the Select Configurations dialog? I guess the size is one of the issues?



Well, due to changing ideas here at work, this isn’t as critical as it was just last week (sigh). But, that doesn’t mean I can’t provide the suggestions!

Size isn’t an issue, except because we can’t collapse any of the Configuration sections. So, if you could collapse them so you only see the Configuration Main Title, then the potential scrolling effect wouldn’t be so much with so many configuration options. This would alleviate quite a bit (especially if what was expanded/collapsed was saved per user/session). But if you couldn’t save it, then an “all collapse/expand” option would be a interim solution.

Filtering may not be as necessary either, as you can always use the Browser’s build in ability to “search” for a word, which works on that modal window.

A bigger window might be useful, but it doesn’t really address the underlying issue of not being able to compact the number of potential Configurations. I actually kinda like the window size almost as is as it doesn’t look like some big pop up then :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jim! I agree that there’s room for improvement if you have dozens or more of configurations and we are happy to look into this, thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile: