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Ush Defect form - how to automatically fill custom text filed with testcaseID


Hi all,

I have a question regarding Push Defect form.

We want to create new custom field in Jira called test , and that when Tester clicks on “Push” link in “Add Result” screen - that “TestCaseID” is already filled with %tests:original_case_id% (test case ID) for that test.

This way, info about test case ID would be in this field instead for example in Description.

Can anyone help with this? To automatically fill this field so that tester dont need to do this manually?

Thank you for help,


Hi Dusan,

Thanks for your posting. Variables are supported with the Description field but currently not for other fields. One option is to add the case ID variable to the description as you did and make the Test Case ID mandatory. This way your users would need to enter an ID but can simply copy & paste it from the description field.



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for your feedback. I thought the same, just wanted to check if there is another solution.

Is there an option to add test case ID to the Summary? Maybe at the beginning e.g. C12345 Failed test: …

If not, than we will go the way you suggested.

Thank you for your reply.



Hi Dusan,

Thanks for your reply. The case ID can only be added to the Description field currently but it’s already planned to make this more flexible, thanks for your feedback!