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Users can't view tickets of certain Jira projects

Using TestRail wi/ Jira. Been noticing that in TestRail, when we hover over the ‘Defects’, we are met wi/ this error:
I’m thinking it may be a permissions issue perhaps? But would appreciate some guidance. More details can be provided if necessary also.

Hello @banned1s,

Thanks for posting! You either have an invalid username, password, or the Jira user does not have sufficient privileges for that project. I recommend double-checking our guide’s steps here.

Hi @erick.monroy,
if you use user-variables in your jira-configuration, the user has to set his username and password accordingly in his settings.

This is the usual error which you can’t control because it has to be managed by the user. If the user was forced to change the password in JIRA, this change is often forgotten in TestRail.