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User 'Tester access' cannot see tests


One of our Users, with Tester access is having trouble seeing the tests associated with a given Project.

Note this user, with Tester access, is one multiple projects and on these other projects they can see all testcases. However, on one project they cannot see any testcases.

I will attach two images of the same screen on the same Project one from user John the other from user Reagan. You can see that user Reagan can see tests on this view whereas user John cannot. Both users have the same access to this project i.e., both are Testers.

Any insight as to why John cannot see the tests under this project? Please let me know if there is any other data that you require to troubleshoot.



Hi Reagan,

Can you please try to reset the filter on the test run pages? Just click on Filter: None, configure a random filter, save it and clear it again by clicking on the red X icon.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the suggested fix. Our user has created a filter, saved it and the cleared the filter and now he can again see the testcases. So this issue has been resolved by your suggested fix.

thanks again,


Thanks for the confirmation, Reagan, great to hear it works again :slight_smile: