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User Security / Permissions


It would be nice to have the ability to assign roles to each user.

I dont want my TESTERS to modify the Test Runs or Modify the Test Cases.

Also, when I assign a specific test run to a tester; all the test cases shows up in their TODO list. I assigned 2 Test cases from a test suite that had 10 test cases, All 10 test cases shows up in the to do list. But only 2 shows up in the Test Runs & Results(Which seems correct).



Yes, that’s planned but won’t be included in the initial 1.0. Permissions and roles are features which will certainly be added to a future version.

Looks like the TODOs page display tests even if they aren’t included in the test run. I’ve added a bug report and the fix will be included in one of the next beta versions. Thanks a lot!



How often do you rollout new builds? We would like to get a copy of the build that has the TODO issue fixed.




we’ve already fixed the bug internally, but it will still take a bit time until we publish the next beta release, as we are currently restructuring parts of the application and incorporating changes based on the beta feedback we have received so far.

By our current estimate, it will unfortunately take around ~2 more weeks until we are ready to publish the next beta version. We will send an email announcement to all beta testers once the new version is out.