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User roles and access



I just started exploring TestRail for my project. My requirement is, I have team of testers who are testing multiple modules. All modules test cases are defined in a Test Run. Now is there a way to assign test cases to specific person and only he should see those test cases?

If not, what is the better way you suggest to achieve this?

I have explored project access under Administration tab, but it will assign access at project level not at test case or suite level.



When a test run is created, any case can be assigned to any specific tester. I believe they will be listed in the users To Do list…


Hi @GES,

Thanks for your posting! You can assign an entire test run via the Assigned To field when creating test runs/plans. This would assign all tests of the test run to one person.

You can also change or set the assignments directly on the test run page via the Assign To button and the checkboxes and you can freely assign/distribute your tests across your entire team and to different team members:

(see the checkboxes on the left and the Assign To roughly in the middle of the screen)

The entire team would still see all tests by default (also the ones assigned to other people), but this can be filtered as needed. The easiest way to do this is by going to the Todo tab, selecting your user account in the filter on the right, updating the filter and then opening the test runs.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!



Thanks Tobias for your reply. That really helped me in understanding assigning tasks to user.


You are welcome, @GES :slight_smile: