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User role to only view reports without being accounted towards paid users



This may sound strange but I would like to add some user to my testrail cloud installation in which the user will be able to only view the reports, testing progress etc. but will not have any other rights.

I know we can set the user roles and access levels but the key point I am looking for is can I have this user type not counting towards the user limit? So can I have this user type as a free user? You may also put limitations on such user types - say only 1 or 2 users of this type should be allowed or something like that?

Can it be considered as valid suggestion?




Thanks for your posting. You would need a user license/subscription for each person accessing TestRail and this is independent of the user permissions or roles. For the reports, we added an extra feature and you can also view reports outside of TestRail and even send the reports to external persons from TestRail via email. This is useful for customers and external stakeholders who don’t have access to TestRail but in most cases we would usually recommend giving persons direct access to TestRail.



Thanks Tobias for a quick reply. When you say ‘viewing reports outside of TestRail’, it means generating reports and sending them, right?


Yep, that’s the idea! You can either directly auto-send them via the notification feature on the report form, or send them manually via the share feature when viewing a report (or on the report overview tab). The reports are sent as HTML/ZIP format and have the exact same look & feel as the reports in TestRail.