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User & Role access level question?



What would be the easiest way to create Role(s) so that a person on his project would be
able to View, edit etc (again depends on the User permission) but provides only View options on other projects. But that same person could also be on more than one project.

e.g. Let’s say I have 10 projects in TestRail. I have a Role called “BA” which has pretty much all the permission except deleting configuration. Now a User called “John Doe” is assigned that Role and he is working on 2 projects. I want restrict him from the remaining 8 projects with no delete option i.e. Add/Edit on all features but delete uncheck for all features. How?

Thanks in advance


Hello Roy,

if you want a user to have more permissions for “his/her” projects and just want to grant reduced access/permissions to all other projects, I recommend doing it this way:

  • Assign the more restrictive role to the user as his/her default role under Users & Roles. E.g. if a user should have read-only (or basic editing) access to most projects, simply assign the Guest role or similar as the default role to this user

  • To give the user additional permissions to specific projects, you would edit the project in the admin area and switch to the Access tab. You could then override the default role of this user by selecting a new project role (e.g. Lead or similar). You can override the default role by selecting another role in the Project Access column.

There are other ways to accomplish the same thing, but this is the easiest way to do this usually.

I hope this helps.