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User Permissions - Tester


I am using the trial version and even though I have changes the tester role to see nothing… when I login as a demo tester I can still see everything. Its as if all of the permission are still on even though I have ticked them off? Is this feature different on the demo or am I using it correctly. I want to use it to grant any testers a limited view where they only see Test cases…


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your post! Currently, TestRail permissions wouldn’t include a separate permission for visibility, and as long as the user has access to the project itself they would be able to view the details of the project. The permissions within a role only limit the ability to add/edit/delete/close any given entity and so this doesn’t include visibility into a project. Even the read-only role with no permissions enabled would still allow users to view all details of the project as long as they have been given access to the project (with the exception of reports that have been configured as private reports by any given user). It would also usually be beneficial for testers to see these details for added context regarding their test execution in most cases as well. The role permissions would only be used to manage actions. Hope this helps!