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User not able to see test cases through JIRA



One of our developers who has access to Test Rail, is not able to see any treciability via JIRA.
He loges into JIRA
Go to a User Story (which has test cases against it. Some are executed pass/fail)
Click on Login to Test Rail.
He logges in.

Come back to the US and refresh
He agains sees the ‘Login to Test Rail button’

All other users are able to view test cases, traceability

Any feedback?



Hi Nira,

Thanks for your posting. This looks like a browser configuration issue with the cookie handling. Could you please ask your colleague to try a different web browser, e.g. Chrome? If the integrations works for all other users, it’s likely a browser issue and using Chrome or Firefox usually helps.




Does current functionality allow for JIRA users without a TestRail account be able to test results within the JIRA ticket (just their status - not necessarily complete details) or is a TestRail account required for any viewing whatsoever?


Hi Oleg,

The TestRail for JIRA add-on integrations also requires a TestRail user account (for example, for access/permissions and security reasons), but pushing an issue from TestRail to JIRA will just add the test result and description to the description/summary fields in JIRA so this wouldn’t require a TestRail user account in JIRA to view the test/result details. Do you also use the TestRail for JIRA add-on or “just” the Push/Lookup integration on TestRail’s side?



Hi Tobias,

The user confirmed it worked in FireFox. Not in Chrome though. All the cookies were cleard and Chrome updated to latest 53.0.2785.101. Still nothing there.

We are heavily Chrome based. And its essential Test Rails works in Chrome for all the users. Is it possible to know config setting for cookie handling?



Hi Nira,

Thanks for your reply. This may also be caused by a Chrome add-on or plugin. Could your colleague try to disable the browser add-ons to see if this helps? Chrome is fully supported of course and also our browser of choice and this is the first time we see this behavior with Chrome (it’s mostly IE with a too strict cookie configuration that show this behavior).