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User fields - option to add "Me" to the top of the list


We have a couple of “User” type fields in our TestRail server that we use to mark test cases with a given test owner, or mark with a test reviewer’s name.

As we have quite a number of users in the system, it can be cumbersome to scroll through the user list (even with the shortcut of typing the first letter of the user’s name) and select yourself.

Given that self-assigning is the most common function when writing or editing a test (at least, it is for us), would it be possible to add “Me” to the top of the list - like the behaviour of the Assign To drop-down?



Hello Glenn,

Thanks for the suggestion. We already have this in a couple of places but I agree that it would be useful for user custom fields as well. I’ve added this to the feature request list for now and we will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks again!



Bump :smile:

Our user list is now > 450…!!!


Hi Glenn :smile:

This is still on our list and we will make sure to review this again now that TR 5.0 is out. Great to hear that you use TestRail with such a large team :slight_smile: