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User does not have a valid OAuth connection

Since the upgrade to TestRail 6.4 on the cloud, we are getting errors when we hover over JIRA links in TestRail.

I am hoping I don’t have to contact our JIRA administrator to get this plugin enabled?

I found this on the Announcements page:

If you prefer to configure the integration using the existing API token and secret key approach, that’s fine too. We’ve introduced a new Assembla integration wizard to support you with that process.

Reading that makes me think that we do need to?

For what it is worth, we can use the TR plugin in JIRA still and we can push defects from TR to JIRA, it is just when we hover over links to JIRA cards that we get the error, rather than a preview of the JIRA card.



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Hi @Jarod thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into it!


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I have the same issue with OAuth error on TestRail Cloud v6.4. Push to Jira does not work also.

+1 Having the same issue here.

Yes getting this error as well - thanks to the other posters for highlighting the problem and impacts. Not good for our testers, during a busy UAT period.

Hi all - sorry for any inconvenience. We’re looking into the problem. Thread here refers:


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also having the same issue. please fix

Ran into the same issue here.

We are also experiencing the same issue.

Having this issue (all References and Defects are showing a 404 on mouseover), posting so I can follow this thread.

Having the same issue. When you’re planning to fix this issue? @sjpknight

We had the same problem with hosted TR yesterday but today it gives a preview of a case, but not the one in the link, if you click the link you get the right case in jira but preview is totally out of order.

+1 having this issue

We have this issue as well.

This issue should be resolved as of the latest release. Please let us know if you experience any further problems in this regard!


Guys after the 6.4 release my automation test scripts are not pushing the results to Testrail. I am getting this error. - "TestRail API returned HTTP 403 ({‘error’: 'Access Denied. You are not a TestRail administrator. Field:project_id is a required field. When i check the API manual doc it says the due to insufficient permission we can get this error. But there was no changes being done from Administrator. Can anyone please help . I am stuck with this error from last 3 days


Hi Saikat,

Are you still facing this issue ? If yes, could you please send as much as details possible to so that our Support Team can look into it as soon as possible.


Seems to be resolved for our Jira & TestRail integration - thanks.

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@shanu.mandot we have sent mails to with detail information and waiting for the responses from the support team

Thanks Saikat for your response.

I will check the status of the ticket and will get back to you.