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User accidentally deleted a folder containing scripts



one of my users accidentally deleted a folder that contained active scripts, Is there any way to find the scripts that have been accidentally deleted or any information at all we can find about deleted scripts/folders? or do we have to dive into the archives of our previous test solution to try and find them again?



Hi John,

TestRail maintains a delete history for suites/runs/plans etc. (can be found on the project overview) but not for individual cases or sections. The only way to restore the cases/section is to restore a recent backup. Please note that this would undo all changes made since the backup was taken but would restore everything such as the deleted section/cases or linked test results.



It sounds like a good idea is to create a ‘Backup’ section under Test Suites & Cases and make copies of all active scripts. At least until a restore-from-deletion feature is created.

I think I’ll create backups right now! = )


i have been making daily exports of all test cases in XML format to have at least some way to restore some information if needed


Hi there,

For TestRail Cloud, we automatically take daily backups and can restore the database to a previous point in time. This will reset the entire database though and restoring single projects/suites etc. is not really possible but it’s still great to have this option just in case. We also recommend setting up something like this with TestRail Server installations and you can find a quick overview here: