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Use same custom field in Case and Result



Is there a way to access or at least see the contents of a Case custom field also in Result?

We are trying out using TestRail for Exploratory tests, then creating a test case as Charter when planning the session, with the actual Charter text in a custom field.

But then when performing the session, i.e. adding test result, the charter text is not visible. Which we of course want.

Any suggestions?




Hello Malte,

Thanks for your posting! Test case fields would also be shown on the test page page or the three-pane view on the run page (above the result list). If you take a look at the following screenshot, the Steps and Preconditions fields are also custom fields of type text on the case level:

The same applies to the Mission/Goals field for exploratory tests that come with the new Exploratory Session template:

If you see a different behavior, it’s important to assign your fields to your projects (or all projects) under Administration > Customizations. We are also happy to take a look at your configuration if you could provide a few screenshots of your case and test pages and the customizations page (you can also send them via email to

I hope this helps!