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Use of PgUp / pg Down for selection


Hi Guys

Actually in consolle i cannot use PgUp / PgDown for selection…

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone



Hello Giuseppe,

I cannot confirm this behavior (on XP with the latest SmartInspect version), it’s working fine here. Which operating system and SmartInspect version do you use? Do you use any third-party tools that that might influence this behavior (e.g. any shortcut tools)?



Confirmed under Windows Vista. We are working on a fix, thanks!



After testing it a bit more, I could reproduce the behavior under XP as well (on my netbook, it actually worked, but on a VM, it doesn’t). Page selection worked fine with SmartInspect 3.1, so I suspect it’s a problem introduced in SmartInspect 3.2. It may be related to the tree control we are using, I’m not completely sure yet (we have upgraded the Console and the tree control to Delphi 2009 with SmartInspect 3.2. It’s still a bit unclear whether this is a Delphi 2009, tree control or Console issue).



Seems to be unrelated to the Console itself. I’ve stepped through the tree control code and I think the problem is a bug in the tree control itself. We’ve updated to its latest version but the problem still exists. I will file a bug report and let’s see how it goes.