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Use Bulk Edit to add to Multi-Select


Is there any way to use the bulk edit feature to add another item to a Multi-Select field that is already populated with varying content without overwriting existing content? For example, a Multi-Select field for one test case has “A” and another has “B”, but I just want to add “C” to both cases – can I do that using Bulk Edit without overwriting the existing “A” and “B”?

If not, could you add that as a feature request?



The bulk-edit would always set the full field but an append mode has been requested before (e.g. for the Steps field) and this would be useful to have, I agree. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback! If you have lots of test cases to modify, you could also look into using the API or XML import (with the update option) but I’m not sure if this would be an option for you.



Append mode plus one


Added, thanks :smile:



Please add another vote from me as well.



Thanks, Daniel!



As an extension, I would like to add the feature to remove any given multi-select item with a bulk edit (whether the selection is there or not in the test case selection). It would also add so much more value to the multi-select field type



Thanks, Daniel, happy to help look into this as well.



Please add another vote from me. And when is this feature planned?


Thanks for your feedback, Anna! We currently don’t have an estimate or time frame at this point unfortunately but it’s still on our list.



Adding values to multi-select field in bulk edit would be very useful. I use this field to tag test-cases and adding new tags to multiple cases is painful right now.
Another vote from me!



Thanks for your feedback, Alex!



Append, especially when editing references, would be greatly appreciated if this is still an option.


is there any news on this one, we are stuck with exactly that topic and i’d need a way to append or remove definitively!