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Usage of basic testrail API



I am new to using the testrail APIs. I am using python to run the send. post command but am running into this error
testrail.APIError: TestRail API returned HTTP 400 (“Field :case_id is not a valid test case.”)

This is what I am using
result = self.client.send_post(
{‘status_id’: 1, ‘comment’: ‘This test worked fine!’}


Hello !

Are you sure to refer to the correct run ID (RXXXXX) and case ID (CXXXXX) ?

This section of the documentation can clarify what kind of ID you must use.


Its working. Turns out I was using the incorrect ids


Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the update, and glad you were able to get this working! Just let us know in case you run into any further issues with this.