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Usability Issues


Some feedback for your UI:

  • The new " 233 more tests available. Show all tests or switch to compact view." is a pain because I have to click it to get back to tests I had up all the time and I can’t just use the browsers search to find my place again.
  • If adding test results from the list I have to scroll right to the bottom to find the button.
  • Often I need to edit a Test Case or add a new one while in the middle of running a test, so an easy way to get back to the test run would help heaps rather than working around it by using multiple browser tabs.


Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your posting and for the UI feedback.

  1. The pagination/limit feature on the run/suite pages was added because it can take some time to render really large test suites, even with modern browsern (with older browser versions even more) and depending on the view mode (full/compact). So to ensure a good performance for all pages in TestRail, we added the limit feature. Often times when you navigate to a test suite you don’t need the full list of cases and this feature is meant as a compromise between good page load times and usability.

We usually recommend opening test/test cases from the overview pages in separate browser tabs and then closing the tab when you are finished with the test/test case. This way you won’t loose your position and state on the overview page and don’t need to navigate back and forth between the run and the tests (or suites and test cases).

Some test/test cases aspects are also directly available on the overview pages so that you don’t need to open the individual test/test case pages at all (e.g. changing the case title, adding results or assigning tests). There are also the previous/next buttons in the test/test case toolbars (at the top of the test/test case pages) to quickly navigate to the previous/next test/test case, just in case you haven’t seen them.

  1. This is something we would like to improve in a future version of TestRail by adding a context menu to the table (rows) with test related actions (adding results, assigning tests, etc.), so that you don’t have to scroll down every time you want to add a result for multiple tests. Please note that you can already add a single result by pressing the status box on the right of a test row.

  2. This is a feature request we’ve got before and we will definitely look into making this easier. We do already have a few ideas for this and I’m sure this will be improved in a future version of TestRail.

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any additional feedback or questions.