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Usability issue



is there any possibility to see several testcases with their descriptions at once? To see a description of a testcase I have to klick on it (as far as I could find out). So I have to make quite many klicks to enter each separate testcase and return to the list of testcases again. Actually I’m used to prepare quite “small” testcases, so that one can see which step goes wrong. That’s why navigating into each testcase separately can be quite irritating.



Hello Ekaterina,

Thanks for your message. First of all, if you are working with test runs and tests, the new Next/Previous links in the toolbar (next to the test title) are useful to navigate between tests. This would allow you to go through your tests without having to go back to the overview pages. This is not yet available for test cases, but I’m sure we will add this in one of the next updates.

That said, we want to add a preview hint window when you hover your cursor over test case/test IDs in TestRail. This way you would be able to read all the test case/test details from the overview pages without having to actually open the cases/tests. I’ve added another vote for this feature to our todo list. Thanks!

PS: You mentioned that you prefer to use small test cases in order to better track the results of individual test steps. I agree that this is a good approach, but I also wanted to make you aware of the option to enter test steps and test results separately in TestRail, if this is preferred (see Test Steps section):