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Url redirects to Dashboard - please fix this!


I am writing up a document in Word that needs to link to individual tests as well as Test Runs. I find that the url for these does not take the user to the desired page, but to the Dashboard.

I found previous related threads, but these specifically mention Excel as the common denominator:

My issue is occurring when the link is in Microsoft Word. I tested the links in PowerPoint and found the same behaviour.

The same urls do work correctly when included in an email (tested in Outlook and gmail) as well as when pasted directly into the browser.

Based on discussion in previous threads, I found the dashboard redirect occurs when I am already logged in to TestRail, but not if I am logged out of TR.

I tried the suggestion here with no success (my default browser is Chrome)

Based on the above, this issue seems to occur in Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
I have no issues with urls for other sites e.g. Jira issue urls.

Please consider investigating this matter and making the necessary changes to ensure links to Tests, Runs, etc. are working correctly regardless of browser, and regardless of whether the user in logged in or not.



Hi Lisa,

That’s a strange issue you are having. I’m curious to know which URL you are using? For example a test case URL, where only the test case number is required will look like this;

Where ‘33’ is the test case ‘C33’



On our system - self hosted - this:

will take us to the Dashboard if we are logged in from Word and Excel. TestRail v5.6.0.3841

If I log out and then click on the link then it brings up the log in page and then goes to the exact case.




This is a known issue with Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Word. These programs will do a validation check on the link prior to simply opening the direct link in your default browser. When these checks are performed, the program you’re clicking the link from is not authenticated, so is being redirected to the login page, which it then sends to your default browser which in turn redirects to the dashboard if you’re already logged in.

TestRail is not alone in being affected by these types of issues; many other web-based tools that require authentication (such as linking to a private GitHub repo) can also have issues with redirects not going to the direct link. As you pointed out, some users have reported that it may be possible to log in to TestRail in the system-default browser (usually Internet Explorer) to allow for the link check to properly authenticate, then it can pass the correct link to your browser of choice. I’ve tested this in Windows 10, but it does not appear to work with either Edge or Internet Explorer, but might in earlier versions of Windows.

There is a possible solution, although it does require manual updating the Windows registry, which may not be possible for some users. If you’d like to learn more, there’s a good post that details the problem and possible solution here:

I hope that helps! I’ve submitted your feedback to the team here about the issue, but as this issue is rooted in the functions of the MS Office system, I would recommend submitting feedback to Microsoft directly as well.

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@jacob.scott, Thanks for the reply and explanation. I’ve decided to just refer to the test case numbers and leave the urls out to avoid confusion

@BGanger, I am getting the same behaviour on the web app. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to ask people to log out of TR in order for urls to work properly.



I agree… Not suggesting that should be the way for it to work… :slight_smile: