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URL markdown is different and not compatible in tables vs outside of tables


Any URL expressed in markdown containing & will get replaced with & when it is used within a table cell. The link no longer works properly inside a table, but does outside of one.

I’m using this for Sharepoint links, complex formatted URLs when citing pages. Recent version of Chrome.

Perhaps this is Microsoft’s fault for not serving pages properly or Google’s fault for not parsing the URL in a similar manner, but nonetheless they behave differently. How can I get ampersand in URL to work correctly while used in a markdown table? Can something be done by Gurock?

URL ={hi}&action=edit

Outside table:
[This is my link](https:/{hi}&action=edit...)
–> Works - shows up in Chrome as exact match

Inside table:
||[This is my link](https:/{hi}&action=edit...)|
–> Broken - shows up in Chrome as https:/{hi}&action=edit...


Hello Steve,

Thanks for your posting! The table cells only support a limited set of Markdown features (links and fixed-font text) but we will make sure to review this behavior. It looks like this is more of a Markdown formatting issue rather than a browser issue and we look into it for the upcoming 5.2. Thanks for reporting this!



This is still an issue, any update? Any chance there is a workaround?


Hi Evangelos,

Thank you for the post. I did a quick test to see if this still happens and it appears that the URL being referenced is rendered correctly. I would recommend giving this a try as well.


Well it’s definitely happening for us. Has this been fixed in one of the latest versions? We are still on


We testest on 5.3 as well and same behaviour. & still becomes “& amp;” (without the space there)

Again, this is only inside tables.


Hi Evangelos,

Thank you for the post. I went back to make sure this is working. I used the code you posted above.

As you can see, the link is being rendered correctly. This is on TestRail Cloud which is running version Could you please post screenshots of what you are seeing?