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URL in a multi-select


Is the re any way of having a URL (or bullets for that matter!) in a multiselect?
I want to have a list of links to an external (Microsoft based) system available as a multiselect, so once added to a test case, it’s presented as a hyperlink…

I’ve tried just adding URL’s (in HTML & Markdown), but with no success - it just renders the entire address on the page, with no hyperlink…

It would be pretty useful if I could get this working!



Thanks for your posting. While this isn’t a built-in feature, you should be able to turn the addresses into clickable links with the UI Script feature of TestRail:

UI Scripts allow you to customize the UI of TestRail with JavaScript and CSS. Do you have a developer with JavaScript experience? We are happy to help in case you have any questions, of course, or could look into this if you don’t have the resources for this.