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Uploading results to latest run for test


I run a set of tests for different releases. I wish to upload the test results automatically to TR. Currently I use the add_result_for_case API method to do the upload. This requires giving the test case id and the test run id as parameters. Works fine when I give them.

However, between releases I create new test plans (with configurations), which changes the run id’s I need to use. This requires me to change the run id in the upload code. I would rather have this fully automated so the test results would just go to the latest open run id for that test case.

I was then considering to use the API to query for all open plans for the project. This works with the API call “get_plans/PID&is_completed=0”. This call gets me a list of open test plans but does not return a list of associated test runs. I considered using get_plan with the plan id’s I get from get_plans to get the details. This get_plan returns a list of “runs” but it still does not list run id’s. So I am at a loss on how to accomplish this with the TR API.

Any ideas on how to get this done?

Or alternative suggestions to accomplish my goal of fully automated upload, automatically adapting to the changing test run id’s and defining only static project and test case id’s?