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Uploading files to test results via the API v5.2.0.3452


I am trying to upload files to test results via the API v5.2.0.3452 using java code, but so far i am not able to implement the feature… It would be really helpful if you could provide information on uploading and downloading of files using the test rail API …


If I remember correctly - uploading files has not been implemented in the API yet.



Yes, that’s correct. Attachments are currently not part of the API. For adding attachments or screenshots, we recommend uploading the files to an external location and then including simple links (or embedding them via rich-text) as part of the test result comment.



Just wanted to follow up on this to see if there are any plans to improve the API to allow uploading of files. The workaround presented here requires us to set up an entirely separate site for file storage.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, we do still have plans to add support for this via the API for a future update to TestRail, however we don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet. I’ve also added your vote and feedback to the feature request as well.



please add me into this thread as I am very interested in this feature which is super helpful to the testing.


Hi Ray,

Your vote has been counted!



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your response. When I am looking around in this forum for the API uploading attachment. This topic has been discussed for the past few years, still has not implemented yet?


Hi Chen,

This topic has been discuss more and more recently. As such it is high no our priority and we hope to this working in the coming releases. That being said. I don’t have an exact time frame for then when this is ready. But you can keep up with releases and features introduced at the following.


I am also highly interested in this added feature. We have implemented a test automation framework (using Robot Framework), and would like to preserve our test runs by uploading HTML or XML files as attachments. Screenshots don’t work for us since the HTML files output by the framework allow “drilling down” into results (expanding/collapsing sections).


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request. As Vu said, this is a high priority and API support for adding and managing attachments is planned for an upcoming release.