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Upload subsection/test cases to existing Section/Sub sections



In our company we use a Agile methodology, at the start of every sprint we have a sprint commitment, these are 2 week sprints, I filter Stories using a testing label and I use Epics as my ‘Section’ within TestRail.

I can do a intiial CSV upload no problem, I have trind the following to upload new TestCases to existing setions/subsection using the below

Rating Tool > R1 QA Testing > QA Sprint 21 Stories
Rating Tool > Build - Service and Expertise Visualisation

but when I import using this structure it creates a whole new Section/Subsection and test cases,

I’ve tried different variations:

Rating Tool > R1 QA Testing > QA Sprint 21 Stories
R1 QA Testing > QA Sprint 21 Stories
QA Sprint 21 Stories

and i just cant seem to get the test cases to fall under the correct Section/SubSection, it always creates a new section… So i suppose my question is?

Is there a way the I can do a bulk upload of the new stories(TestCases) every few weeks and getting them to fall under there proper sections/sub sections.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your posting! Importing to an existing section is not directly possible (the import would always create new sections) but you can simply rearrange your cases via drag & drop after the import:

You can drag & drop cases in the tables on the left or also drop them to a section in the sidebar tree. Would this work for you?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your timely response, Yes this would work, its not ideal but its solves the problem for the time being. the upload script takes time in itself to prep and then to have to rearrange everything in test rail is a bit of a headache.

Do you know if this item is on any roadmap/backlog for the future?



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s on our feature request list and planned to look into it. We don’t have an estimate or time frame at this point unfortunately but good to hear that the drag & drop workaround works for you in the meantime. Happy to add another vote to this feature request!




Add one vote please :slight_smile: We used this a lot as well. Will be very efficient if we don’t need to move it manually.


Hi Siltvani,

Thanks for your feedback! Vote added! :slight_smile: