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Upgrading TestRail Recommendation

I’ve been tasked with upgrading TestRail at my company and wanted to know based on reading the release notes that it appears that I should be able to get from 5.2 to 5.6. Has anyone else done a major update like this and had no problem, or did they have to go from through each incremental update?

Hi Melvin,

Thanks for your the post. TestRail’s upgrade wizard is designed to upgrade TestRail from any previous version to the latest version without needing to install intermediate versions.

That being said, TestRail 5.6 does require more recent PHP versions than were available for TestRail 5.2, so you would also need to upgrade PHP to 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2. We have put together a general guide for the PHP upgrade on our website here.

Once the appropriate dependencies are installed, to upgrade TestRail, simply download the latest version from your company’s customer portal account:

Upgrading TestRail is very easy and you basically just need to copy the new files over your existing installation and click through the database upgrade wizard. You should always make a backup of your existing TestRail database before upgrading. You can find the detailed upgrade steps here:

I hope this helps,