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Upgrade of JIRA TestRail Add-In


We are on TestRail Cloud v6.3.
We are using JIRA Server v8.51 and our Add-in version is

I see this line in the banner regarding the upgrade:

Older versions of the TestRail for Jira plugin will not work with TestRail 6.3.

What does this mean for us?

Our organisation aren’t planning on upgrading our JIRA version anytime soon, so we are on the latest version of the Add-in that we can be (



Hi @Jarod - this line just means that older versions of the plugin will not work correctly. You don’t need to update Jira itself, just the TestRail for Jira plugin, in the app management area of your Jira instance.


Hi @sjpknight

We have the same issue and what you are suggesting is impossible since your plugin only supports Jira version 8.9.0 explicitly.

Prevoius version of your pluging supported Jira version range 7.0.0 - 8.9.0. This is not the case with the newest version of your plugin.

We are using Jira version 8.2.4 - meaning the plugin cannot be updated from within Jira.

Please note Jira 8.9.0 is the absolute latest version and was only just release May 18th

Please advise?

We use Jira cloud, and we are not getting update button for Testrail’s Apps…

Same here, no option/button to update TestRail in JIRA app management

Hi @jtn_impact_dk - this was a deployment error. When creating the new version, our developer forgot to provide the Jira compatibility settings for the app. This has now have been fixed, so you should be able to upgrade the plugin successfully.

@Abhimanyu & @Lende - you both have the most recent version of the app installed (1.1.21 - the version we just released) - so there is no further upgrade possible.


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Hi @sjpknight,

Thank you for the quick response time and resolution. The upgrade button is now available for us.

Kind regards,

Thanks for getting this sorted so quickly Simon, we are all good now.