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Upgrade notice: Breaking changes in TestRail 2.0 Mini API



If you are using the TestRail Mini API, please note that TestRail 2.0 introduces breaking changes so that you need to download the latest Mini API version. Please follow these steps to upgrade the API:

]Rename your existing add_test_change.php file to add_test_change-1.0.php[/]
]Download the new updated file from the project website[/]
]Copy the new add_test_change.php file to your TestRail installation[/]
]Open the new file in a text editor to configure it (if you copy/paste the configuration settings from your existing file that you renamed in step 1, please note that the USER_NAME configuration setting has been renamed)[/*]

The updated Mini API still behaves exactly as the old one so there’s no need to update your code or tools.