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Updating the Assigned To Id in a Test Run


Updating the Assigned To Id in a Test Run is not working using the GUI or update_run API by passing “assignedto_id”. Please suggest if I am on the right path or it is not possible.

Dave R


Please post more details with the GUI. What happens when you try to assign tests in a run to a person?



Two objects : TestRun and Tests appear to both have assignedto_id attributes, so assignment of user to Test does not reflect on the TestRun.

TestRun GUI: no UI to edit assignedto.


It works for me. I set as part of the result entity.

private Integer assignedtoId;


Assigned to can be done when he Test Run is initially created. When you edit the test run itself the Assign to does not show. After the test run has been created they can be assigned by clicking into the Test Run and use the check boxes and drop downs to Assign tests:


Is there a way to assign different cases in the test run to different users programmatically?