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Updating Test Suites whilst Test Runs are active modifying active Test Runs



When a Test Suite is updated, for example, when a test case needs to be rescoped or amended, the Test Cases in all open test runs are also modified.

We have a large number of Test Cases which I have recently imported from excel spreadsheets into our brand new instance of TestRail and we plan to reauthor many of these test cases over time to enable us to make use of the benefits of using a fully featured test management system such as TestRail.

We have a problem though in that our test activities are constant, and we test multiple projects simultaneously against the same set of test suites. If we were to reauthor a test or series of tests, then this would affect the testing record of any test runs that are currently active where the reauthored test may have already been carried out. It is possible that the reauthored test may become out of scope, or it might even be decided that a test should be broken up into a series of smaller tests, but these smaller tests won’t get included into the open Test Suite.

We operate in a regulated industry and for compliance purposes, I need to be able to ensure that the test case record when a test run is completed accurately reflects the actual test that was carried out.

Is it possible to mark a Test Suite as ‘fixed’ in some way so that we can update our test suites over time without potentially affecting the scope of any open test runs. If not, is there a suggested procedure for carrying out such activities as we cannot repeatedly shut down our testing operations while a 3000+ case test suite is updated to allow us to make the best use of our investment in TestRail.