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Updating test result for clearer jira view


I understand that test results can’t be changed once set (at least i think thats the case).
However with JIRA integration - results in JIRA view this makes things look messy, as can’t see the curent test status e.g per milestone.
Or if the user makes a mistake in setting an incorrect status.

Is there any way to achieve this, or could this be an improvement for the future?



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail/the add-on would only show the few latest results by default and older results would be hidden via pagination but I understand what you are saying. It’s already planned to look into softening the constraint of editing test results (status) or deleting them and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. Thanks for your feedback!



Yes Admin (& Lead) needs to be able to update a test result after it is added.
Related note:
Suggest another “default” button in JIRA in the TestRail Results section, "Last Test"
The “All Tests” button should paginate and sort by last on top


Thanks for your feedback, Tom!

The results are already sorted by date (latest first) and are also paginated, or are you looking for something else?



Please add my vote for changing the status of the latest result.


Added, thanks Seth!




Maybe I’m wrong but I think that concern is in the following. Please look at the screenshot. There are 2 test resulsts for test case T33407. The first test result (it was failed) is shown in the head and last (it was passed) is shown under cut. But I think it will be much better to shown the latest result in the head and all other results under the cut.


Hello Sergey,

Thanks for your posting. You can see that the latest T33407 result is at the top of the overall list and TestRail would show the latest results first. The Related Results block is just an additional way to see related results for the same test and is available if there are more recent results for the same test (that “override” the status of a result).



Hi Tobias,

I think that it would be good to have a summary tab or the like as well in Jira… to see a succinct status list of the latest test case results… not all of them where the history is included as it gets confusing if you have lots of test cases.

Hope I make sense.



Hi Tobias,
Would this be on your roadmap? would really make your otherwise good integration much slicker.


Hello Ryan, Dan,

Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to look into this and a high-level overview (in addition to the detailed result list) definitely makes sense (especially with many test runs or results).




I would also really like to see a feature where it is possible to only show the last results in some way.

Currently I add a “Ready For Test” result when a test case is completed so that way the developers can see the attached test cases on the ticket are considered “ready”.

Then once the tests are actually run, they are moved to “Passed”. At this point the previous runs which read “ready for test” are not needed at all and can clutter the view a little.

It would be great to only show the most recent result for a test.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for your posting. Currently the Results tab shows all results to make it easy to follow the full history but having an option to limit this to the most significant/recent results per test sounds like a good idea, thanks for your feedback!



Please add a vote for us too!


Thanks for your feedback, Glenn!



Please add my vote too. Would be great to have something like “All Latest Results” next to “All Results”.